Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel


About Us

The Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel started to serving for Turkey  tourism since 2006 in Sultanahmet in Istanbul renewed each of its sections in the year 2010, considering qualified service understanding and customer satisfaction.

Our Hotel

Sultanahmet area is the place where holiday starts to enjoy and stops ,what is as you dreamed .TimeDeluxe Golden Horn Hotel offers your dreams to reality, you will feel yourself in a time tunnel as went to Byzantine and Ottoman time. The magic touch of this ambiance will cast a spell on you pleasure and peace with magnificent views of Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and Topkapı Palace . Istanbul is istanbul with Golden Horn , Bosphorus and Marmara Sea. And you can see this Mother Earth’s painting with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on our unique terrace.

We invite you for unforgettable experience and romantic holiday in our hotel. with luxury services , magnificent terrace , unique views and the hotel personals who work only your comfortable and satisfaction 7/24.

 The Sultan Terrace of Deluxe Golden Horn Hotel is the best location where you feel the history of istanbul. You can see the two faces of istanbul ( modern town and old town) at the same time.


Comfort and luxury as YOU wish !!!

Our hotel has 70 unique rooms in total and we are serving these rooms according to your preferences.

The room types;

4 Corner Suites

1 Honeymoon Suite

3 Junior Suites

3 Deluxe Connected Rooms

46 Deluxe Rooms

12 Standart Rooms

1 Disabled Room