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Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque)

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (known as Blue Mosque) which is one of the most famous monuments of Turkish and İslam world is visited by everybody who comes to İstanbul. This Blue Mosque is the only mosque which is built with 6 minarets originally, is another sample of Classical Turkish Art. Its location is surrounded by important monuments of earlier age of İstanbul City. The most beautiful view of İstanbul city could be seen from the sea. In this magnificent view, the silhouette of the mosque could be seen.  The real name of the mosque which is known as “Blue Mosque” is I. Sultan Ahmet Mosque. As fits with its actual profession, Architect Mehmed Aga decorated the interior with jeweler precise. The mosque was inside of a large complex which is constructed between the years of 1609 – 1616.  These were mostly social and cultural buildings that could not survive up to-day.

Covered bazaar, caravanserai, tomb of Sultanahmed, public soup-kitchen, hospital, schools, Turkish Bath are main parts of the complex. The architect of the building was the student of Mimar Sinan who is the great architecture of classical Turkish art, implemented the plan in a larger scale which his master tried before.  The entrance of Blue Mosque is in the side of hippodrome pristine from Roman era. An interior court surrounded by an exterior court and main location is on a high platform. When you entered from one of the three doors, dyed porcelains and leaded windows could be seen. Walls of the balconies which surround interior court of the Mosque are ornamented with marvelous İznik ceramics. The upper side and interiors of the whole dome are paintwork. The dominant color was not blue of dying ornaments. Blue which gave its name to the Mosque was dyed in following.

The dark color of interior was turned into its original color in the last restoration completed in the year of 1990. There is a marvelous marble minbar next to the altar which is located in the opposite of main entrance. Sultans’ lodge could be seen as balcony in the other side. The dome which covers interior which is enlightened by 260 windows, is 23.5 diameter and in the height of 43 meters. Bazaar of the mosque which was restored recent years is in the west of the monument.

The tomb of Sultan Ahmet and madrasah building is in the north in the side of Hagia Sophia. Sound and light performances are being done in the park in summer months. Blue Mosque is in the center of city tours with lots of old bookstores and museums.